Infinity Desktop

An attempt to roll a NetBSD desktop.

I have always been attracted to NetBSD for some unknown reason. I am not saying it's the best BSD distro, it just seems to have a magnetic pull on me. Consequently, I want to make a good desktop experience with a solid operating system under the hood.


I am not an expert, but I am willing to dig in, willing to learn and willing to listen to sound advice. I do not feel that everything needs to be "invented here." I am more than willing to rip-off good ideas.


I am not a NetBSD zealot. I am NetBSD enthusiasts. I will not bash Windows or scoff at any distro of Linux. I will, however, try to learn from them, borrowing the good ideas and avoiding painful ones.

I will also not try to make Infinity Windows-like, Mac-like or Linux-like; it will be NetBSD-like. Honestly, this may not be for everyone.

Roadmap and other misc things are on the wiki

Totally inspired by the good folks that brought you GhostBSD! GhostBSD is built on TrueOS, which is another excellent project.

I totally endorse their work and recommend you check them out. I do support them financially. I am not beneath kissing up to the GhostBSD folks. Yup I love GhostBSD!

The other major "kick in the pants" which I needed came from the author of OS108. Jay is a great guy and I would also recommend that you visit his github repo and an excellent forum he setup called UnitedBSD.